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Hoshizaki is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial ice equipment in the

world today.


When purchasing a Hoshizaki commercial ice machine you can expect nothing but

the best in quality equipment and features. These features include such details as

a full compartmentalized design and sanitation dual stainless steel evaporator,

a double sided ice making surface, individual crescent cubes and simple controls

and diagnostics all packed with an Energy Star Certification.


The control circuits features a three point diagnosis utilizing the Evercheck control

board with audible alarms and diagnostic features and with only three items to

check for breakdowns (float switch, circuit board and pump), ensures quick

diagnosis and repair to keep the ice flowing without a complete shut-down of

the system.


One of the most noted benefits of a Hoshizaki commercial ice machine is the

stainless steel evaporator, which greatly improves the pump and compressor

operation. This one featured benefit is very important to this whole process

primarily because poor water quality is a major reason for the many breakdowns

of ice machines in the market today. Stainless steel greatly reduces mineral

build-up in commercial ice machines; this is what gives you clearer, hard cubes.



Whether you choose the 1- or 2-stage unit

or the Preferred™ Compact model, you’ll

enjoy reliable, whole-home comfort. These mid-tier air conditioners are designed to operate consistently and quietly with

SEER ratings of 15 or higher.

Preferred™ Series Air Conditioners


The 6ACCS series with new features is suitable for hotels, office, hospitals, schools, factories
and supermarket applications. The low noise
and compact series are completely leak tested, evacuated, dehydrated and charges with dry nitrogen to maintain system “dryness” prior to
field piping connections.

Air Cooled D/X Condensing Units

6ACCS-P / ACCS-P - 60Hz & 50Hz


When it is necessary to provide total comfort

solution for a multiroom application, Toshiba

multisplit systems offer the perfect answer for

any kind of requirement. One outdoor unit is

capable of operating 2, 3 or 4 indoor units.

They are compact and elegant as they are

designed to blend in with any room interior.



Multi-split System 5:1


Two-stage technology optimizes

performance compared to conventional

single-stage systems, resulting in more

even temperatures and lower utility bills.

Elite® Series

XC16 Air Conditioner

High-efficiency, two-stage cooling


The Bard Wall-Mount Heat Pump is a

self-contained energy efficient heating

and cooling system, which is designed to offer maximum indoor comfort at a minimal cost without using valuable floor space or

outside ground space.

SH Series

Quiet Climate Heat Pump

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